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Mantech Safety Systems provides reliable, innovative and cost-effective safety solutions for those working in hazardous environments. Our comprehensive range of fall protection equipment and safe access solutions protect workers from falls, slips and trips in industrial, commercial and construction settings.

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Kee Guard on roof


Guardrails provide an essential safety measure when working at heights. Most injuries and fatalities from height falls are preventable with the correct guardrail systems in place.
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Worker using Kee Line on a roof


Safety lifelines are an essential component of any fall protection system. These systems provide a secure anchor point for personnel working at height, preventing them from falling and sustaining injury. They also offer peace of mind to those below, protecting bystanders from potential harm.
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The Kee Platform structure built around a bus


Kee Platforms offer top-notch fall prevention solutions across many industries. Our custom platforms work for any project, from aviation and public transport to warehouses and construction sites. Combined with self-closing Kee Gate systems, you can be sure that your team will always have secure access when needed.
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