Working Platforms

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Secure Dependable Access

Kee Platform and Kee Step provide safe access solutions that meet and exceed Work at Height Regulations. Our custom working platforms are tailored to your situation, allowing you secure, dependable access when it matters most.


With easy installation and maintenance, our products will keep your team safe and compliant with safety standards. Get the assurance you need to safely perform repairs or maintenance work on structures with our secure access systems.


Our products can be combined to create complete end to end man safe systems

Kee Platform Access Platforms

Kee Platforms offer top-notch fall prevention solutions across many industries. Our custom platforms work for any project, from aviation and public transport to warehouses and construction sites. Combined with self-closing Kee Gate systems, you can be sure that your team will always have secure access when needed.

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The Kee Step Stepover Platforms

Kee Step stepover platforms are the ideal solution for safely and securely overcoming any rooftop hurdle or obstruction, providing a secure path up and over anything you may encounter on a rooftop or within an area, including pipes, machinery, membrane roofs, concrete roofs, or metal roofs.

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