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Keeping Your Workers Safe

When it comes to working on a rooftop, safety should be a top priority. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height are one of the most common causes of workplace fatalities and injuries in the UK. That's why installing a rooftop safety walkway is crucial for your workers' safety. Rooftop safety walkways provide a clear and safe pathway for workers to access various parts of the rooftop, preventing slips and falls.


At Mantech, we provide secure and reliable rooftop safety walkway systems custom-designed to suit your requirements. Our expertly engineered rooftop safety walkways keep your workers safe and compliant with safety standards.


Our products can be combined to create complete end to end man safe systems

Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway

The Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway has been developed to provide a secure, anti-slip walking surface that helps prevent falls and injuries. The system is easy to install, adjust, and maintain.

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Kee Step Stepover Platforms

Kee Step step-over platforms are the ideal solution to ensure rooftop safety. They provide a secure and stable platform to step up and over obstacles and changes in the roof surface, making access to rooftops easy and safe.

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