Roof Edge Protection

Collective roof edge protection systems

Where possible, collective roof edge protection should always be the preferred method of preventing exposure to fall risks over fall arrest or restraint systems. We offer a highly experienced design and install service for the leading roof edge protection systems including KeeGuard from Kee Safety, Latchways VersiRail and D-Marc.

Freestanding, non-penetrating roof guardrailing

All our roof edge guardrailing and demarcation systems are modular and non-penetrating, involving the use of counterweights rather than mechanical fixings that could compromise the integrity of the roofing system.

Fixed or folding

Both Latchways and KeeGuard roof guardrail systems can be configured in rigid or folding form, depending on the aesthetic requirements of the building.

Architectural aesthetics

Where aesthetics form a substantial part of the architectural brief with regard to roof edge protection, Latchways VersiRail offers a number of design variants including curved, inclined, straight and folding railings, all available in natural, polished or powder coated finishes.

Design expertise backed by leading brands

We have a solid, proven track record in the design and installation of roof guardrailing and demarcation systems that are perfectly answer safety and architectural briefs, are cost effective and reliable over the long term.

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