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Keeping Your Workers Safe

We adhere to industry best practices and all legislative requirements, including BS 7883:2019 and BS EN 365, to ensure your safety equipment is compliant. Additionally, we recommend that the equipment be inspected and maintained at least once a year to guarantee continued safety.

Inspection, Testing & Recertification Service

Mantech offers a recertification and inspection service for your safety systems and any PPE associated with the equipment. Our qualified engineers will assess the system thoroughly and provide you with a certificate of compliance or, if necessary, a schedule of remedial work to ensure that it meets regulatory standards.

We can provide training on the correct usage and inspection of these safety devices to help ensure that everyone working at height is properly informed.
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Why You Need Regular Inspections

Visual checks are an important part of keeping work equipment safe. However, there are instances where more detailed inspection and testing may be needed. This is especially true with any equipment that may present significant risks to health and safety if installed incorrectly or has deteriorated over time.

Risk assessment should be used to identify what type of inspection is needed, how often it should occur, and who should carry it out. Our qualified team can advise on how to keep your equipment in top condition.
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