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Keeping Your Workers Safe

Guardrails provide an essential safety measure when working at heights. Most injuries and fatalities from height falls are preventable with the correct guardrail systems in place.

We have a variety of Guardrails available to suit different needs. Rooftop guardrails are designed to mark out and protect access points such as staircase openings, while rooftop Demarcation provides a visual warning sign that height hazards exist. Parapet guardrails offer protection against falls from the edge of a building or structure.

These guardrails make up an effective fall prevention system for any worksite.

We offer the following solutions:


Our products can be combined to create complete end to end man safe systems

Rooftop Guardrails

Kee Guard is a freestanding guardrail system that ensures worker safety and full collective fall prevention. This robust, counterbalanced system can be used on flat without penetrating the roof membrane, providing maximum protection.

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Rooftop Demarcation

Our Rooftop Demarcation System Kee Mark is designed to provide an effective physical barrier and create an instant visual alert that the rooftop edge is close. The system utilises simple, quick-to-install components that can be easily adjusted as needed. It also provides visibility during night-time or in bad weather conditions.

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Parapet Guardrail

This is a fixed guardrail solution for roofs featuring parapet barriers along the perimeter, providing fall protection without damaging the roof membrane. This system protects workers from potential falls as they carry out essential maintenance tasks.

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