Fragile Roof

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Uncompromised Roof Protection

Fragile roofs can pose a real danger, and the consequences can be devastating if someone falls through the roof. Taking proactive steps to secure fragile roofs is essential for safety reasons and to protect from financial losses should an incident occur. With the proper protection plans, you can help keep everyone safe while avoiding costly repairs, severe injury or death, and significant damage to your reputation.


Several solutions can prevent this and keep personnel secure on a rooftop.


Our products can be combined to create complete end to end man safe systems

Rooflight Covers & Guardrails

Providing essential safety for workers and minimizing potential liabilities, the Kee Cover & Kee Dome protective covers are crucial for ensuring a safe working environment on fragile roofs.

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Fragile Roof Access

Safety walkways give the stability required on a fragile roof, making them the perfect solution for protecting those working at height. With Kee Walk, you can rest assured that your team members benefit from maximum safety.

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