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Keeping Your Workers Safe

Anchor systems are an important part of safety protocols, providing support and stability to workers while they are working at height. A variety of man anchor systems are available, including mobile man anchors, davit arms and posts & eyebolts. These systems provide the necessary security for workers in hazardous environments by providing them with secure points of attachment that prevent falls from occurring.

Anchor systems also help reduce the risk of injury or death due to slips and trips when working at height. With these considerations in mind, it is essential that employers ensure their workers have access to appropriate man anchor systems that meet industry standards for safety and reliability.

We offer the following solutions:


Our products can be combined to create complete end to end man safe systems

Mobile Man Anchor Systems

Mobile man anchor systems are essential to any safety protocol in hazardous working environments. They provide a secure attachment point for workers to ensure that they remain safe and secure while working at a height.

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Davit Arms

Davit arms are adjustable and can be anchored in walls, columns, beams or other structures to provide a secure connection for workers who need to work at height.

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Posts & Eyebolts

Posts & eyebolts can be easily installed into existing structures or walls using fastening hardware, providing an effective and reliable anchoring solution for any workplace environment.

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