WalkSafe Rooftop Walkways

Lightweight, cost-effective rooftop walkways

WalkSafe is the lightweight, cost-effective answer to the long-standing problem of safely demarcating rooftop walkways to protect users against hazards when working at height.

Reduces wear and tear

Offering a practical alternative to heavy, unsightly wooden duckboards, scaffolding boards, snow guards, etc., WalkSafe evenly distributes load across the roofing system, reducing wear and tear.

Colour options for improved aesthetics

With different colour options available, the plastic walkway can offer an aesthetically pleasing solution; particularly useful for listed/heritage buildings where specific visual constraints may be applied by local authorities.

WalkSafe and ManSafe for total roof safety

Combined with a ManSafe horizontal and/or inclined lifeline system, users are simultaneously guided along clearly demarcated WalkSafe walkways whilst being protected at all times by the ManSafe fall arrest system.

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